Team Brainstorming

Team Brainstorming

Our most popular offering is our full day Making Minutes workshop for intact teams. We focus on the individual’s needs, while at the same time finding solutions for your team’s greatest challenges. Typical topics for brainstorming include running effective meetings, conquering email, and eliminating team time wasters.

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Sales Productivity

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Making Minutes for Salespeople

We help sales people increase their productivity, focus on their top revenue-generating activities, and ultimately close more business. The first sales productivity program we delivered was in 2003 for Veritas. WebEx soon after hired us to train their entire sales team of 400 people. Since then, we’ve developed and delivered our workshops for companies including Google, Genentech, Hotwire, and many more.

Making Minutes Coaching

Making Minutes Coaching

We provide one-on-one coaching as a follow up to our workshops, or if you just feel like you need some extra help. How do we follow through with our most important commitments? That's the question we hear the most. Whether it's life, business, emotional challenges, or anything else that might be on your mind, we're here!

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Speaking and Break Outs

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Making Minutes Talks

During the past several years, we’ve been delivering keynote talks and breakout sessions for all kinds of companies, including Zoom, Google, and Fitbit. Our most popular talks combine productivity with optimal living strategies to help people make the most of their minutes in business and in life.

Positive Cultural Change

Positive Cultural Change

We work with companies to help them create a positive cultural change. As an example, Williams-Sonoma brought Making Minutes in to train their senior staff and 600 of their employees. This ultimately led to lower turnover, an increase in productivity, and a happier and healthier workforce. We can certainly do the same for you.

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