Making Minutes Testimonials


"Making Minutes! was a fantastic workshop. Slowing down and being more mindful will have a huge positive impact on my work. I'll also be happier in my personal life. My team will definitely be signing up for this!"

Brian Betelman

Global Workplace Manager


"I found the Making Minutes! program to be extremely informative and fun. Tom kept the audience engaged with his knowledge and humor. The program really reminded me of how important it is to set goals for myself and take actions to achieve them."

Cindy Bacher

Technical Recruiter


“Making Minutes has empowered us to make better choices in our day to day scheduling and planning processes. By encouraging us to think about our true priorities, we have been able to obtain a clearer focus on our quarterly and annual goals. I can’t recommend this enough.”

Harrison Fox

Hotel Account Executive

williams sonoma

"Making Minutes! was one of the most well-received and valued training programs in the history of Williams-Sonoma. We experienced extraordinary financial and intangible benefits."

Sharon McCollam

Former CFO, COO

cisco logo

"Making Minutes shows you how to actually balance and prioritize what is important to you at work and in your personal life so you can become a more balanced person. I would recommend this workshop to anyone that is juggling multiple priorities."

Morgan Browne

Manager Customer Success


"Congratulations on the great feedback from your Making Minutes class. I heard nothing but positive comments from the participants. I look forward to introducing this to my new teams in the future!"

David Purdie

US Medical Affairs


"Tom presented his “Making Minutes!” time management program to an eager audience here at Google. His course far exceeded my expectations!"

Swan Boon

Lead Recruiter


"What I learned about mindfulness will have a very positive impact on how our team runs meetings, handles email and prioritizes activities. Making Minutes is refreshing, enlightening, and I recommend it for any company!"

Chris Klingman

VP of Marketing

ca tech

"I have never seen this amount of positive change from a single workshop before. The improvements that we have made in meeting and email effectiveness have had a cascading effect on our whole organization and how we accomplish work together."

Liz Jensen

IT Program Director

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