Effective Virtual Meetings Workshop

Fully Engage your Audience!

Our Most popular offering helps people to run effective virtual meetings from start to finish. Whether you're using Zoom, WebEx, or any comparable platform, you'll learn how to interact with and engage your audience using popular tools such as live video, chat room, raise hand, annotation tools, break out rooms, and more. We deliver one hour virtual keynotes and two hour workshops for audiences of any size.

Virtrual Meetings Workshop

Effective Virtual Presentations Workshop

Presentation Design and Structure

Impactful Presentations

We deliver virtual keynotes and workshops that will help your employees to structure effective presentations using our trademarked Fish Bone Template. We include several strategies for adding "Hollywood" by creating visual impact with photos, graphics, multi-media, videos, stories, and much more. You'll also learn best practices for keeping your slides simple yet highly engaging. Make the most of your presentations and fully engage your audience!

Effective Virtual Meetings &
Presentations Workshop

Our Most Popular Workshop

Our most popular virtual workshop combines best practices and strategies from our virtual meetings and presentations workshop. During this 3 hour virtual program you'll learn skills and strategies to fully leverage platform tools, run effective meetings, design captivating presentations, fully prepare, and deliver with ease and confidence. Leave your audience with a message they won't forget.

Virtual Meetings and Presentations Workshop

Remote Worker Optimization

Organization Virtual Consulting

Prepare Your Organization

In today’s new business environment a broad based understanding of all major business functions and how to manage these functions is now critical to business survival and growth. We help you optimize your business for remote worker efficiency and remote business process support.

Virtual Meetings and Presentations Coaching

Reinforce Your Skills

Providing follow up coaching for your employees is another useful strategy for helping to reinforce their newfound knowledge and skills. We work with your employees one-on-one or in groups for hour long sessions to answer questions, assist with presentation structure and design, and provide coaching and feedback on effective delivery skills.

Virtual Meeting and Presentation Coaching

Virtual Sales Presentation Skills Workshop

Virtual Meetings Workshop

Close More Business!

We've worked with all kinds of sales teams to help them design and deliver highly effective sales presentations in the virtual world. Our workshops include mastering the discovery process, designing and structuring persuasive presentations, and delivering clearly and confidently. Ultimately, your sales people will shorten their sales cycle, beat the competition, and close more business.

In-Person Presentation Skills Workshop

Master Your Delivery

Your people will learn how to design and deliver highly engaging presentations for any in-person audience. Our typical workshops include how to structure presentations from start to finish, strategies for designing engaging visuals, and the most relevant and important delivery skills including eye communication, gestures, body, movement and voice.

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