Virtual Presentation Skills Using Zoom, Webex and More

What Works Virtual Meetings and Presentations

We help people to design and deliver effective virtual meetings and presentations using Zoom, WebEx, Blue Jeans, and any comparable platform. Please get in touch to see how we can help you!

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“I have never received so much value in a single training. It was a completely engaging, challenging and fun course.”

— Brogan Taylor, Sales, Major Accounts

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What Works History

We started our company back in 2001 by teaching In-Person presentation skills. Soon after, WebEx hired us to train their entire sales team to delivering engaging presentations. Following our workshops, several sales people asked us if we could teach them how to present effectively using WebEx. That's when we realized that if the experts of the world needed help with presenting in the virtual environment, then so did everyone else. And that turned out to be the case!

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“What Works far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their virtual presentation skills!”

— Anne Connolly, Sr. HR Business Partner

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What We Do

We deliver workshops that help people to effectively engage their virtual audience in front of small to large groups. This workshop is for anyone that wants to improve their ability to communicate clearly and confidently, and leave their audience with a message they won’t forget.

In-Person Presentation Skills

Your people will learn how to design and deliver highly engaging presentations for any audience. Our typical workshops include how to structure a presentation from start to finish. We also provide strategies for designing engaging visuals. Delivery skills including eye communication, body, movement, and voice are a must!

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