About Us

Our History

Making Minutes was founded in 2001. Since then, we've delivered our productivity/optimal living and presentation skills workshops for companies including Google, Fitbit, Cisco, Expedia, WebEx, Zoom, and more. Williams-Sonoma brought Making Minutes in to create a positive cultural change. We can do the same for you. Learn how to free up an hour a day, which is 6.25 weeks a year!

What We Do

We help people to increase their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, while at the same time helping them to achieve a healthy life balance. Our participants walk away with strategies and commitments for becoming happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

We've also delivered virtual and in-person presentation skills workshops for companies including WebEx, Cisco, GoToMeeting, Genentech, and more, to help people leave their audience with a message they won't forget.

Making Minutes Trainers and Partners

We've focused a great deal of time and effort on partnering with the most skilled and talented trainers and consultants we can find. They'll go out of their way to provide as much value as possible to meet your most important needs and objectives.

Here are just a few of our valued partners.

Tom Drews Productivity Specialists
Tom Drews
Founder, CEO
Melissa Goldberg
Virtual Presentation Skills Expert
Alice Heiman Sales Productivity Expert
Alice Heiman
Head of Training
Marianna Teudor
Marianna Teudor
Organizing Expert and Partner
jocelyn courtney productivity life coach
Jocelyn Courtney
Executive Life Coach

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