Making Minutes! Topics

Productivity, Efficiency & Effectiveness
Prioritizing Activities: A Time Management SystemHaving a trustworthy and effective system in place for managing our activities contributes greatly to achieving our most meaningful goals in business and in life. The methods we've created help people to be clear on what their most important priorities are at all times, and then have a process in place for consistently taking action on them.  

Eliminating Minute MunchersThere are two kinds of time wasters. One is how we waste our own time, and the second is how others waste our time. We'll share examples for both and then have each person determine clearly where they can free up the most minutes in both their personal and professional lives. Most participants are able to free up at least one hour a day in this exercise alone. 

Mastering Email Surveys indicate that the typical worker now spends on average between 20-50% of their time on email, which equates to roughly 2-6 work hours per day. Most people lack the ability to manage their email well, which can eat up a significant portion of their minutes. This is another great opportunity to free up an hour a day. We'll share strategies for how to master your email and end most days with a clean in-box.

Meeting EffectivenessA significant amount of time is often wasted as a result of poorly run meetings. Here we share several strategies to help people run highly effective and efficient meetings from start to finish. Outcomes include having a clear agenda, stating your objective, tracking action items, running shorter meetings, starting on time and ending on time.  

Negotiating PrioritiesOur goal here is to help participants effectively communicate to their managers what their priorities are, so that together they can determine which to focus on first, and what can be set aside for later.  Often times we say yes to activities that distract us from achieving our most meaningful goals and objectives. Here we help people to avoid burn out while at the same time always focusing on what's most important.   

Strategic Multi-TaskingScientific studies show that multi-tasking in general is not effective.  Humans can only think one thought at a time, so crafting emails while talking on the phone is a waste of everyone's minutes. We'll review what works and what doesn't work, and help your people to enhance their abilities to strategically multi-task so they can make even more of their minutes.  

Conquering ProcrastinationMost of us are regularly procrastinating on at least one or two important projects at any given time.  Studies have shown that replacing our top priority endeavors with those of lesser importance leads to stress, anxiety, and a decrease in productivity.  We'll share several best practices for conquering procrastination so that your most important projects and endeavors aren't neglected and left behind.

Delegation & OutsourcingThe vast majority of people that go through our workshops are generally feeling overworked, over stressed, and overwhelmed. One of the most immediate ways we can free ourselves from this pressure is to get help. Here we provide our attendees with valuable outsourcing resources and delegation strategies to help them free up minutes in both their personal and professional lives.   

Communicating EffectivelyMost people spend a large percentage of their time in life communicating and interacting with others in one way or another. We'll discuss the most common modes of communication including phone, email, texting, IM, drive by meetings, web conferencing, and more. Our objective is to help our attendees determine the most efficient and effective ways to leverage the various avenues for communicating.

Life Balance and More

Values, Vision and GoalsInitially, each participant will define their core values and paint a bigger picture vision for what they want their ideal lives to look like. We also discuss the value of goal setting and a simple process for how it works. The participants will walk through an exercise that focuses on one of their key short term objectives in business or life and the activities required to achieve it. 

The Bucket Theory: Life BalanceThe majority of people that have attended our workshops have indicated that finding a healthier life balance is very important. Each of our attendees walk through a simple and easy process for creating balance in their work and life. We have our participants take a close look at their life buckets to determine which ones need to be filled the most. Research clearly indicates that a healthy life balance leads to less stress, greater happiness, and an increase in productivity.

One of the primary goals of our Making Minutes! workshop is to help people live even happier lives than they are today.  We've researched some of the most popular and impactful studies on happiness during the past handful of years and share what we've learned with our participants.  A happier workforce contributes to an increase in productivity, less turnover, and accelerated growth. 

Strategic Thinking & MindfulnessMore companies than ever before are recognizing that practicing mindfulness in the workplace reduces anxiety, increases productivity, and contributes to overall happiness and peace of mind. Our Making Minutes! workshops include ideas and methods for being mindful, thinking strategically, and enhancing creativity.   

Health & WellnessDuring our workshops we've found that "Health" is typically the bucket that people would most like to fill. Our health bucket contributes the most to filling our other buckets, so it makes sense to start here.  Healthier people have more energy, are generally more positive, and usually make a lot more of their minutes than most people. Making Minutes! highlights several proven strategies for maximizing health and wellness.