Case Studies

The Williams-Sonoma Story

Sharon McCollam, the CFO and COO of Williams-Sonoma in 2010, expressed an interest in creating a positive cultural change in her organization. Her goal was to help their employees be more productive, while at the same time achieving a healthy life balance. This would ultimately lead to happier, healthier and more fulfilled employees.

She viewed Making Minutes! as an avenue to achieve that goal. Sharon also wanted to help her associates free up some time, not so they would work harder or longer, but so they could do something they would consider to be more important. That might include spending more time with family, exercising, or giving back to the world in whatever way they wanted. We initially put together a team of 12 senior executives and managers at Williams-Sonoma to drive the process forward. After several months of strategizing we developed a plan to create a positive cultural change.

Since then, we delivered our Making Minutes! Workshops to William-Sonoma's entire corporate group of 600 plus associates. We provided their employees with valuable resources which they could access via a Making Minutes! website they developed internally. Their Making Minutes! initiative was a great success. Tom Drews has also delivered keynote presentations for Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teens to help their people make even more of their minutes.  

"Making Minutes! was one of the most well-received and valued training programs in the history of Williams-Sonoma. We experienced extraordinary financial and intangible benefits." 
Sharon McCollam
Former CFO, COO Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
Current CFO, Best Buy, Inc.

Sharon McCollam