Making Minutes! History

Making Minutes! was founded in 2003 by Tom Drews.  WebEx, one of our Presentation Skills clients, hired us to deliver productivity workshops for their entire sales team at the time.  This opened the door for us to create and deliver Making Minutes! Productivity and Life Balance Workshops for a number of companies including Genentech, Google, Symantec, The Navy and Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

We help our attendees to increase their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, while at the same time achieving a healthy life balance. Our participants walk away with strategies and commitments for being happier, healtheir and more fulfilled. 

We also deliver both In-Person and Virtual Presentation Skills Workshops for all kinds of companies including Cisco, Informatica, Northrup Grumman, Symantec and Citrix. What Works! was founded in 2001.

Our Making Minutes! objective is to help people make the most of their minutes in business and in life.

95% of the people that participate in our Making Minutes! Workshops free up at least an hour a day.  Based on an eight hour workday, that's the equivalent of 6.25 weeks a year. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time to see how we can help you and your organization make even more of your minutes in business and in life!